Healthy Food Products

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Grow Foods Products

Fresh From Our Farm

Grow Foods Company guarantees premium quality of its products produced by carefully selecting raw materials processed and packed by passing through series of detailed quality procedures that ensure we are providing our customers with the optimum safety and quality products.
All our products quality meets the Egyptian and International Standards.



Grow Food offers a variety of Honey including Spring Flowers, Citrus and Clover Blossom which is 100% Pure, Natural and Delicious sourced from selected best locations to ensure quality and taste for our customers. Most Pure Honey has a natural tendency to crystallize over time, by carefully heating, the crystals can be melted down again. Available in different packing Glass and Plastic Jars with different sizes ranging from 70g to 1K. Shelf Life 24 months.

Tomato Paste

Healthy Food Products

Our processed Tomato Paste is made from the finest ripened tomatoes chopped and mashed with the highest quality standard making it the preferable for the family in regards to taste and health. Available in different packing including Glass Jars, Tin Cans and Sachet with size ranging from 70g to 2KG Shelf life for Glass Jar and Sachet 18 months and Tin Can 24 months.


Healthy Food Products

Grow Foods molasses is made from the finest sugarcane thermally treated. Our Molasses with its highest quality is a rich source of Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron. Available in Plastic Jars sizes ranging from 250g to 800g. Shelf Life 24 Months.

Olive Oil

Healthy Food Products

Grow Food Extra Virgin Oil are selected from unique and complementary flavor profiles that have matured on the trees. The Quality Blend of our cold-pressed olives using no heat or chemicals to extract providing healthiest olive oil with it’s distinct flavor and the best tasting. Available in three size packs: 250 ml & 500 ml & 1L. Shelf Life 24 Months


Healthy Food Products

Grow Foods Company offers Semi-Dry high quality Medium size dates selected from 100% Natural Egyptian Sweet and Brown Dates that are highly washed and packed under strict Hygienic Conditions. Available all over the years in different packaging from 300g to 15kg. Dates with Almonds/Nuts are offered in 300g/package. Shelf Life 9 Months.

Vegetables & Fruits

Healthy Food Products

Grow Foods Company offers a wide range of Premium Quality Fruits and Vegetables available upon seasonality including: Pomegranates I Citrus I Potatoes I Onions